Saturday, October 4, 2014

Latest :10% OFF Redmart Coupon when you pay with PayPal

Enjoy 10% OFF with the new Redmart Discount Code get from Redmart have published a new promo code and it is redeemable when you pay with PayPal, the largest payment gateway in the world. Promotion is valid from now till 30 October 2014.

Terms and Conditions of the Promotions:
Not applicable for milk formulas or OTC medicines.
Discount is capped at maximum spend of $200 per transaction.
Only one use per account/delivery address.
Discount applies only when customers use the code at checkout.
Discounted amount will be reflected at point of payment.
Not valid with other on-going promotions, discounts, offers, vouchers, rebates or privileges.
Merchant terms and conditions may change without prior notice.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Shopping the Convenient Way with RedMart

Just over two years ago an innovative way to shop for groceries launched in the Singapore market.  It was RedMart – an online only retailer.  Shoppers are able to place their orders either on the website or by using either the Android or iPhone apps, then schedule a convenient time for their items to arrive. Imagine, being able to shop when it is best for you and not having to juggle kids, keys, and cart at the same time.  How great is it to click a few items, enter your payment, and have the groceries arrive when you get home?  
RedMart gives you all of the brands you know and love, plus all of the products you need, including cleaning supplies, pet food, baby foods, beer, health and beauty, plus even some car care products as well as food, all searchable on the easy to use website.  You can shop by searching the product name, category, sub-category, or create a list that saves all of your most frequently purchased items for quick adding to your cart. The MyList feature is available on the smartphone apps, too, for easy shopping on the go.

Does RedMart save you anything over a traditional grocery store?  Absolutely!  They offer a corporate partners discount that allows companies to give their employees an exclusive discount.  RedMart also offers sale items – just look for the “sale” tag on the upper left side of the website.  It’s these kinds of deals that keep people coming back. How much do customers love RedMart?  75% of customers come back at least 1.5 times a month!

Delivery is available anywhere in Singapore, seven days a week including holidays, so you never have to worry about being in an excluded zone or not being able to shop on certain days.

RedMart is also rolling out a program called RedMart Credits.  These are issued by RedMart and work like a RedMart coupon. They are going to be easy to use and redeem. For instance, if you have earned $5.00 in credits, you can take $5.00 off your next purchase on the checkout screen.  You’ll be able to track the amount you have in credits when you log into your account.  More information will be coming soon for this exciting program.

Do not have a corporate partner account? It doesn't matter, plenty of active redmart discount code is available for your perusal on

Shopping in Singapore just got a lot easier with RedMart, the new way to shop for groceries.  With a convenient and easy to use website, a narrow two hour appointment window for your delivery, and delivery times between 10am and 10pm, you can make shopping work for you, instead of shopping being such a chore.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Grocery Shopping Gone crazy with RedMart Coupon

When we think of going grocery shopping, we think about preparing a list, getting in the car, driving to the store, trying to find a cart that doesn’t wobble, and then hunting for everything on your list. You get through the checkout, back to your car, then you have to drive home, unload all of the groceries, and find time to do it all again the next time you need staples or pantry items.  But this doesn’t have to be the way any more. What you have to do now is check-out RedMart.  The nation’s top online grocery store in Singapore makes grocery shopping super convenient, just shop your daily groceries items with your finger tips.

RedMart has apps for both of the main smartphone operating systems – Android and iPhone – making grocery shopping fast, and dare we say easy?  The apps have clean graphics and allow you to log into your account just like you would on your computer, so you can access your My List account, the list of your favorite and most frequently purchased items.  You can easily move items from the list to your cart.  The iTunes app also comes in 23 languages. Your phone goes everywhere you do, and now so can your grocery shopping.

Both the website and the apps allow you to search the site easily and find just what you want or need. It’s an easy to use interface, taking the tedium out of the chore of shopping. With the exception of fresh foods, you only need to shop one place for all of your staples, pet food, beer and wine, baby goods, house cleaning products, health and beauty products, and sodas. 

RedMart stocks all of your favorite items from all of your favorite brands, plus they make it easy to save 10% on your first order.  Just enter the RedMart coupon code LIKEREDMART in the box on the checkout page and save!  For the returning customers who wish to enjoy savings, you can check-out the redmart coupons from this coupon site.
Concerned about what is in your food?  RedMart takes advantage of high-resolution graphics on the website to show you the nutritional information and ingredients panels, so you know what you are getting before it arrives.  Because of the super high resolution, you can hover over the image and enlarge it for easier reading.

If you love social media, you are in good company!  So does RedMart.  They can be found on Facebook and on Twitter.  Sometimes they offer special deals to their fans and followers, like they did on their second birthday.  They had a $2 sale throughout the store for a whole week.

As they called themselves on Twitter, “In business for the busy.”  What a perfect tag line!

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Introduction to Redmart

An exciting new company has taken root in Singapore – RedMart.  More than just a grocery store, it offers personal care items, baby food, car care products, household cleaning items, plus beer and wine.  You’ll find favorite brands like Hunt’s tomatoes and Dasani water, plus more from your favorite international manufacturers. Let’s learn a bit more about RedMart and who they are. 

RedMart launched in November 2011 serving Singapore as an exclusive online store, selling more than just groceries and saving their customers time in the process. In those two short years, they have quickly become the top online grocery store on the island.  Realizing the power and potential of the smartphone, RedMart created shopping apps for both the Android and iPhone operating systems.  

The company has its own fleet of vehicles and they deliver anywhere in Singapore, seven days a week.  Your order is processed at RedMart’s warehouse and delivered between pre-select 2 hour delivery windows.  The only thing that they won’t deliver at the moment is fresh produce or other perishable items, but you can soon expected they will start selling it online after they have secured another round of capital from Angel investor.

The online groceries mall has experienced rapid growth since its launch just over two years ago.  RedMart has been able to secure funding from investors based on growth of 70% from one quarter to the next.  Customers love RedMart – with 75% of them coming back for more.  It has meant that RedMart was able to expand their warehouse from 12,000 square feet up to 18,000 square feet, plus they are planning to expand by an additional 47,000 square feet by 2015. Now RedMart is looking at expanding to other markets in Asia, like Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, capitalizing on helping the busy urbanites in those markets.

They offer great prices every day, but there are some items that have a special price for a limited time.  You can find them by clicking on the little “sale” icon in the top left corner – it’s the one that looks like a red price tag.  From time to time, they will offer special promotion to celebrate festive season, so if you want to find everything you need to celebrate Chinese New Year, you can click on the tab and be taken to a page with lots of great products that suite your CNY's needs.

To invite new customers to give them a try, RedMart offers a RedMart coupon code that is easy to use – just get it from the coupon site like :, enter the code at check-out page and you can instantly save 10% on your first order.  Plus, if it’s your first order and you spend over $49, you get free delivery – what a great introduction!  

Innovative.  Unique.  Convenient.  RedMart is all of these and more.

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