Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Grocery Shopping Gone crazy with RedMart Coupon

When we think of going grocery shopping, we think about preparing a list, getting in the car, driving to the store, trying to find a cart that doesn’t wobble, and then hunting for everything on your list. You get through the checkout, back to your car, then you have to drive home, unload all of the groceries, and find time to do it all again the next time you need staples or pantry items.  But this doesn’t have to be the way any more. What you have to do now is check-out RedMart.  The nation’s top online grocery store in Singapore makes grocery shopping super convenient, just shop your daily groceries items with your finger tips.

RedMart has apps for both of the main smartphone operating systems – Android and iPhone – making grocery shopping fast, and dare we say easy?  The apps have clean graphics and allow you to log into your account just like you would on your computer, so you can access your My List account, the list of your favorite and most frequently purchased items.  You can easily move items from the list to your cart.  The iTunes app also comes in 23 languages. Your phone goes everywhere you do, and now so can your grocery shopping.

Both the website and the apps allow you to search the site easily and find just what you want or need. It’s an easy to use interface, taking the tedium out of the chore of shopping. With the exception of fresh foods, you only need to shop one place for all of your staples, pet food, beer and wine, baby goods, house cleaning products, health and beauty products, and sodas. 

RedMart stocks all of your favorite items from all of your favorite brands, plus they make it easy to save 10% on your first order.  Just enter the RedMart coupon code LIKEREDMART in the box on the checkout page and save!  For the returning customers who wish to enjoy savings, you can check-out the redmart coupons from this coupon site.
Concerned about what is in your food?  RedMart takes advantage of high-resolution graphics on the website to show you the nutritional information and ingredients panels, so you know what you are getting before it arrives.  Because of the super high resolution, you can hover over the image and enlarge it for easier reading.

If you love social media, you are in good company!  So does RedMart.  They can be found on Facebook and on Twitter.  Sometimes they offer special deals to their fans and followers, like they did on their second birthday.  They had a $2 sale throughout the store for a whole week.

As they called themselves on Twitter, “In business for the busy.”  What a perfect tag line!

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