Friday, January 31, 2014

Shopping the Convenient Way with RedMart

Just over two years ago an innovative way to shop for groceries launched in the Singapore market.  It was RedMart – an online only retailer.  Shoppers are able to place their orders either on the website or by using either the Android or iPhone apps, then schedule a convenient time for their items to arrive. Imagine, being able to shop when it is best for you and not having to juggle kids, keys, and cart at the same time.  How great is it to click a few items, enter your payment, and have the groceries arrive when you get home?  
RedMart gives you all of the brands you know and love, plus all of the products you need, including cleaning supplies, pet food, baby foods, beer, health and beauty, plus even some car care products as well as food, all searchable on the easy to use website.  You can shop by searching the product name, category, sub-category, or create a list that saves all of your most frequently purchased items for quick adding to your cart. The MyList feature is available on the smartphone apps, too, for easy shopping on the go.

Does RedMart save you anything over a traditional grocery store?  Absolutely!  They offer a corporate partners discount that allows companies to give their employees an exclusive discount.  RedMart also offers sale items – just look for the “sale” tag on the upper left side of the website.  It’s these kinds of deals that keep people coming back. How much do customers love RedMart?  75% of customers come back at least 1.5 times a month!

Delivery is available anywhere in Singapore, seven days a week including holidays, so you never have to worry about being in an excluded zone or not being able to shop on certain days.

RedMart is also rolling out a program called RedMart Credits.  These are issued by RedMart and work like a RedMart coupon. They are going to be easy to use and redeem. For instance, if you have earned $5.00 in credits, you can take $5.00 off your next purchase on the checkout screen.  You’ll be able to track the amount you have in credits when you log into your account.  More information will be coming soon for this exciting program.

Do not have a corporate partner account? It doesn't matter, plenty of active redmart discount code is available for your perusal on

Shopping in Singapore just got a lot easier with RedMart, the new way to shop for groceries.  With a convenient and easy to use website, a narrow two hour appointment window for your delivery, and delivery times between 10am and 10pm, you can make shopping work for you, instead of shopping being such a chore.

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